Agility dogs


overview        features

  1. -4 different agility parks.

  2. -5 dogs: wire fox terrier, Siberian husky, chihuahua, beable, and poodle.

  3. -Physics simulation, depth, and perspective for added realism.

  4. -Obstacles are selected and placed at random, which means the game is never the same.

  5. -“Puppy Mode” is a game mode designed for the youngest gamers in the family.  It’s a never-ending mode, so younger kids can play for a long time without ever running out of time and having to press a “Start” button.

  6. -Time upgrades to help you go further.

  7. -Dress up your dog with a hat to give him new abilities or just to make him look good.

  8. -Local and Game Center achievements.

  9. -High Scores.

  10. -5 Game Center leader boards.

  11. -Intuitive controls.

  12. -High resolution Retina display graphics.

  13. -Every object in the game is a hand-made clay model photographed at high resolution.